Get that end of the day, closing act approach from industry veteran Nuno Bernardo and idea handler Paul Tyler. It’s one thing to be inspired by the latest industry trends and models filling out media conferences and LinkedIn feeds, but unless you unpack, decode and contextualise, there's little hope of adopting any new norm.

Nuno and Paul have brought together a series of conversations that capture their restlessness. These probings and reflections summarise their combined experiences of what’s circulating across today's conferences, markets, forums, workshops and labs. To book either consultant, click on the links below.

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#4 - Think less about who’s going to see your film, think more about who’s going to talk about it

With so much talk about cutting out the middleman it’s easy to believe that sales agents and distributors won’t soon have a role. But then local knowledge may put them in the best position to know why people will want to see your film.